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Rahman Hasan
Vice CEO of Development Investment and Muslim Travel Blogger


  • Accomplished Vice CEO with a focus on development investment and a passion for sharing Muslim travel tips.
  • Specializes in providing travel advice and insights for those exploring Muslim countries.
  • Dedicated to helping travelers experience the beauty and culture of Muslim nations through his writing.
  • Aspires to build multiple streams of income in his entrepreneurial journey.


Rahman Hasan is not just a seasoned Vice CEO; he’s also a dedicated travel blogger with a mission to provide invaluable guidance for travelers exploring Muslim countries. With his background in entrepreneurship and development investment, Rahman offers a unique perspective on both business and travel.

In his professional role as the Vice CEO of a development investment company, Rahman plays a pivotal role in shaping economic opportunities. His commitment to business aligns with his approach to travel, where he explores new destinations and experiences, and shares those insights with his audience.

Rahman’s approach to writing is grounded in his love for discovery, both of new places and culinary delights. He believes that travel is about creating meaningful connections and experiences, and his work reflects that philosophy.

Beyond his professional life, Rahman dedicates time to his entrepreneurial interests, exploring new business ideas and opportunities.


Rahman’s entrepreneurial spirit and expertise have been cultivated through his experience in the field of business and development investment.


While Rahman has not completed specific certifications related to writing or travel, his extensive experience in business and travel speaks to his qualifications.

Hobbies and Interests

Outside of his professional life, Rahman enjoys delving into ideas, business ventures, and entrepreneurship, constantly seeking new opportunities for growth and innovation.

Future Goals

Rahman’s ultimate ambition is to build multiple streams of income through his entrepreneurial endeavors. His journey towards this goal is marked by a passion for exploration, business acumen, and the creation of engaging travel content that showcases the beauty and culture of Muslim countries.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur seeking business opportunities or a traveler looking to explore Muslim countries, Rahman Hasan’s blog offers a gateway to enriching experiences and insights. Join him as he combines his expertise in development investment with a passion for travel, one adventure at a time.

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